The General Confession - Slamming the door to Satan!

A general confession is a very important tool to starting a new chapter in life. The following list can help you prepare for the Sacrament of Penance.

Possible Mortal Sins Checkoff List

FIRST COMMANDMENT -- I am the Lord your God. You shall not have strange gods before Me. [Exodus 20:2,3]

                                                                                                                   No      ?     Yes

1 Did you only worship the One True God?                                              [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you, or do you, hate God?                                                               [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you give greater love to anything other than God?                          [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you believe you were better, or smarter than God?                         [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put faith in Occult Ideas, or practices?                                      [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in Astrology?                                                        [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in New Age Philosophies?                                   [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in Eastern Philosophies?                                     [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in Witchcraft?                                                       [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in Atheism?                                                          [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in Agnosticism?                                                    [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in Sorcery?                                                          [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in Ouija Boards?                                                  [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in Seance?                                                          [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in Black Magic?                                                   [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in Voodo?                                                            [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in Palm Reading?                                                [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in Tarot Cards?                                                   [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in Divination?                                                      [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in Hypnotism?                                                     [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in Superstitions?                                                 [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in Good Luck Charms?                                       [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in Horoscopes?                                                  [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you put your faith in Paganism?                                                     [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you join a Schismatic Group?                                                         [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you join the Freemasons (Masons)?                                              [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you join, contribute to, or sympathize with another secret society? [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you join, contribute to, or sympathize with Planned Parenthood?    [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you join, contribute to, or sympathize with the ACLU?                    [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you join, contribute to, or sympathize with Gay Rights Groups?     [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you join, contribute to, or sympathize with Pro-Choice Groups?     [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you join, contribute to, or sympathize with Pro-Abortion Groups?   [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you join, contribute to, or sympathize with the Communist Party?  [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you join, contribute to, or sympathize with the Socialist Party?      [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you deny the Faith of the Catholic Church?                                   [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you despair of God’s Mercy?                                                          [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you Fail to Pray to God for an extended period of time?                 [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you receive illicit Non-Emergency ‘General Absolution‘?                [___] [___] [___]

1 Are you guilty of Apostasy (Declaring to leave the Church)?                [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you fail to receive Holy Communion once per year, (Easter Duty)?  [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you fail to meet you Yearly Obligation of Confession, (Easter Duty)? [___] [___] [___]

1 Were you married by a Justice-of the-Peace (without Dispensation)?      [___] [___] [___]

1 Were you married by a minister (without Dispensation)?                         [___] [___] [___]

1 Presumption (commit a Mortal Sin, presuming Absolution)?                    [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in a state of Mortal Sin? [___] [___] [___]

1 Were you Married (Sacrament of Matrimony) in a state of Mortal Sin?    [___] [___] [___]

1 Did you commit Simony (Buying or Selling Spiritual Objects)?                [___] [___] [___]

SECOND COMMANDMENT -- Thou shall not take the Name of the Lord your God in vain. [Exodus 20:7]

2 Did you use God‘s name ONLY reverently?                                             [___] [___] [___]

2 Did you use God‘s name as a Curse?                                                     [___] [___] [___]

2 Did you commit Blasphemy (words of Hatred or Defiance towards God)? [___] [___] [___]

2 Did you seriously slander or insult a Sacred Person or Object?                [___] [___] [___]

THIRD COMMANDMENT -- Remember that you keep Holy the Sabbath Day. [Exodus 20:8]

3 Did you miss Sunday Mass or a Holy Day of Obligation without good reason? [___] [___] [___]

3 Did you receive Holy Communion in a state of Mortal Sin (SACRILEGE)?     [___] [___] [___]

3 Did you Fail to Fast from Food and Drink for 1 hour before Communion? (Water and Medicine is permitted)                                                                                                      [___] [___] [___]

3 Did you Fail to Receive Holy Communion during Easter time? [Same as Comd. #2 above]                                                                                                                  [___] [___] [___]

3 Did you Desecrate the Holy Eucharist (SACRILEGE)?                                 [___] [___] [___]

3 Did you do unnecessary compensated Labor on Sunday, for a long time?    [___] [___] [___]

3 Did you Require employees to work on Sundays in non-essential occupations? [___] [___] [___]

3 Did you intentionally Fail to Fast on Ash Wednesday or Good Friday?      [___] [___] [___]

3 Did you intentionally Eat Meat on the Fridays of Lent or on Ash Wednesday? [___] [___] [___]

FORTH COMMANDMENT -- Honor thy Father and thy Mother. [Exodus 20:12] [___] [___] [___]

4 Did you fail to Love, Help, or Obey your parents?                                     [___] [___] [___]

4 Did you ever seriously wish Death or Evil upon your parents?                   [___] [___] [___]

4 Did you seriously Disobey or Disrespect supervisors or authorities?         [___] [___] [___]

4 Did you seriously Fail to Care for your aged parents?                               [___] [___] [___]

4 Did you Fail to Carry-out the Last Will of a deceased parent?                   [___] [___] [___]

4 Did you seriously Neglect the religious education and morals of your children? [___] [___] [___]

4 Did you physically or mentally Abuse or seriously Neglect your children?  [___] [___] [___]

4 Did you Fail to Baptize your children within a few months of their birth?     [___] [___] [___]

4 Did you seriously Neglect the Duties of you state in life?                           [___] [___] [___]

FIFTH COMMANDMENT -- Thou shall not kill. [Exodus 20:13]                     [___] [___] [___]

5 Did you kill anyone?                                                                                 [___] [___] [___]

5 Did you willfully Fail to Bury the body, or the ashes of the dead?               [___] [___] [___]

5 Did you Seriously Entertain Thoughts of Suicide?                                     [___] [___] [___]

5 Did you Attempt, or Intend, to Commit Suicide?                                        [___] [___] [___]

5 Did you fail to eat properly and become anorexic, through Vanity?            [___] [___] [___]

5 Did you take or sell Illegal Drugs?                                                           [___] [___] [___]

5 Did you Abuse Alcohol (Willful Drunkenness)?                                        [___] [___] [___]

5 Did you Loose Your Temper to an extreme [Deadly Sin-- ANGER]?         [___] [___] [___]

5 Did you unjustly Injure another physically?                                              [___] [___] [___]

5 Did you unjustly Injure another verbally?                                                 [___] [___] [___]

5 Did you willfully engage in an Unjust Lawsuit?                                         [___] [___] [___]

5 Did you intentionally place temptation before a weak person?                  [___] [___] [___]

5 Are you guilty of Bigotry (hatred of other races, nationalities, or religions)? [___] [___] [___]

5 Are you guilty of Pride or Arrogance [Deadly Sin-- PRIDE]?                     [___] [___] [___]

5 Did you promote, advise, or have an Abortion?                                        [___] [___] [___]

5 Did you have a ‘Selective Reduction‘ of babies in the womb?                   [___] [___] [___]

5 Did you commit Self-Mutilation (Cutting, etc.)?                                         [___] [___] [___]

5 Do you have excessive Tattoos?                                                             [___] [___] [___]

5 Do you have excessive Body Piercing?                                                    [___] [___] [___]

5 Do you have a piercing of the nipples or sexual organs?                           [___] [___] [___]

5 Do you refuse reasonable care that could save your life?                         [___] [___] [___]

5 Did you promote or involve yourself in Euthanasia?                                  [___] [___] [___]

SIXTH COMMANDMENT -- Thou shall not commit Adultery. [Exodus 20:14]

6 Did you commit Adultery (by having sex with a married person)?              [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you commit Fornication (by having sex before marriage)?                  [___] [___] [___]

6 Have you engaged in, promoted, or used Prostitution?                            [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you commit Rape (forced sexual contact with another person)?         [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you commit Incest (sex with a family member, near relative, adopted family member, or in-law, of the same or opposite sex)                                                                                                [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you commit Pedophilia (sexual touching or act, with a minor)? (Minors are persons under the age of Majority, and vary from State to State, from young teens to age 18.)

                                                                                                                     [___] [___] [___]

6 Have you viewed Pornography?                                                               [___] [___] [___]

6 Have you read Sexually Explicit Materials?                                              [___] [___] [___]

6 Do you have a sexual Fetish?                                                                   [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you dwell on Impure Thoughts for the purpose or Arousal?                [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you have impure or violent sexual fantasies, asleep or awake?          [___] [___] [___]

6 Have you watched Impure Television, Movies, or DVD‘s?                        [___] [___] [___]

6 Have you Dressed Immodestly, to Arouse another, not your spouse?      [___] [___] [___]

6 Have you touched another to cause Arousal, who’s not your spouse ?    [___] [___] [___]

6 Have you allowed another to Arouse you, who‘s not your spouse?          [___] [___] [___]

6 Have you caused sexual climax, other than Intercourse?                        [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you commit Onanism (Withdrawal for Contraceptive purposes)?       [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you guilty of Dressing Immodestly, in a flagrant way?                       [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you Masturbate?                                                                                [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you engage in other Impure Acts with yourself?                               [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you engage in Homosexual Acts?                                                    [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you have Anal Sex, or other degrading sexual practices?                 [___] [___] [___]

6 Use a contraceptive device (condom, diaphragm, or intrauterine device)?[___] [___] [___]

6 Did you have a Surgical Sterilization (Vasectomy, or Tubes Tied, etc.)?  [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you practice the Rhythm Method of Birth Control, even with your spouse?

                                                                                                                    [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you practice Natural Family Planning even with your spouse?          [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you practice Natural Fertility Regulation, even with your spouse?    [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you practice Natural Birth Regulation, even with your spouse?         [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you engage in In-Vitro Fertilization?                                                 [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you engage in Artificial Insemination?                                              [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you engage in Surrogate Motherhood?                                            [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you engage in Fertility Testing involving Immoral Acts (Masturbation)?

                                                                                                                   [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you engage in or support Human Cloning?                                       [___] [___] [___]

6 Are you guilty of Polygamy (many wives)?                                              [___] [___] [___]

6 Are you guilty of Polyandry (many husbands)?                                       [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you Cohabitate (live together) before Marriage?                               [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you Lust in the Heart ('I would if I could') [Deadly Sin-- LUST]           [___] [___] [___]

6 Are you guilty of Wife Swapping (or ‘Swinging‘)?                                      [___] [___] [___]

6 Are you guilty of Transvestitism (Cross Dressing)?                                   [___] [___] [___]

6 Did you love sex (or food, etc.), excessively? [Deadly Sin-- GLUTTONY] [___] [___] [___]

SEVENTH COMMANDMENT -- Thou shalt not steal. [Exodus 20:15]         [___] [___] [___]

7 Have you Stolen a large sum or money, or a valuable item?                    [___] [___] [___]

7 Have you willfully Failed to Make Restitution for a stolen or destroyed item?

                                                                                                                     [___] [___] [___]

7 Have you Defrauded workers of their just wage?                                     [___] [___] [___]

7 Have you Received, Concealed, Bought, or Sold Stolen Property?          [___] [___] [___]

7 Have you willfully Defaced or Destroyed another‘s property?                   [___] [___] [___]

7 Have you Stolen something Consecrated to God, or from a Holy Place? [___] [___] [___]

7 Have you Gambled to Excess and harmed your life or your family‘s life? [___] [___] [___]

7 Have you Stolen your employer‘s Time, by serious failure to do your work?

                                                                                                                      [___] [___] [___]

7 Have you padded your Expense or Per Diem Account?                           [___] [___] [___]

7 Have you Taken Advantage to the poor, simple-minded, or the inexperienced?    

                                                                                                                   [___] [___] [___]

7 Have you Denied Help to the poor, needy, or destitute, even though capable?

                                                                                                                   [___] [___] [___]

7 Have you been Seriously Cruel to animals?                                             [___] [___] [___]

7 Have you Enslaved anyone?                                                                    [___] [___] [___]

7 Have you Defrauded creditors?                                                                [___] [___] [___]

7 Have you Pirated computer software, or bootlegged movies or DVD‘s?   [___] [___] [___]

7 Have you Violated copyright laws?                                                           [___] [___] [___]

7 Have you Bribed anyone, or accepted a Bribe?                                        [___] [___] [___]  

7 Are you guilty of Excessive Waste or Expense?                                       [___] [___] [___]

7 Have you Blackmailed anyone?                                                                [___] [___] [___]  

7 Have you committed Forgery?                                                                  [___] [___] [___]

7 Are you guilty of Fraud, Embezzlement, or Ponzi Schemes?                   [___] [___] [___]

7 Are you guilty of Price Fixing or Collusion?                                              [___] [___] [___]

EIGHTH COMMANDMENT -- Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor. [Exodus 20:16]

8 Did you Bear False Witness [not under oath] against anyone?             [___] [___] [___]

8 Did you bear false witness [under oath is Perjury] against anyone?      [___] [___] [___]

8 Did you seriously Wish Evil upon another person?                               [___] [___] [___]

8 Did you Withhold a Serious Sin (SACRILEGE), or lie in Confession?   [___] [___] [___]

8 Have you told a large or premeditated Lie?                                          [___] [___] [___]

8 Have you engaged in Calumny (telling the faults of someone, that are untrue)?

                                                                                                                  [___] [___] [___]

8 Did you seriously Wish Evil upon another person?                               [___] [___] [___]

8 Have you engaged in Detraction (telling the true gossip faults, unnecessarily)?

                                                                                                                   [___] [___] [___]

8 Have you Violated the Confidence of someone without good reason?   [___] [___] [___]

8 Are you an Accomplice to another‘s Grave Sin?                                    [___] [___] [___] 

NINTH COMMANDMENT -- Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife. [Exodus 20:17]

                                                                                                                 [___] [___] [___]

9 Did you Lust after someone else’s wife?                                               [___] [___] [___]

9 Did you willfully Lust after another? [Deadly Sin-- LUST]                      [___] [___] [___]

9 Are you guilty of willful Divorce?                                                            [___] [___] [___]

9 Are you guilty of willful Desertion?                                                         [___] [___] [___]

TENTH COMMANDMENT -- Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods. [Exodus 20:17]

                                                                                                                  [___] [___] [___]

10 Did you Seriously Covet your neighbor‘s possessions?                       [___] [___] [___]

10 Are you guilty of Serious Avarice or Greed? [Deadly Sin-- GREED]    [___] [___] [___]


Also, don't forget to always confess all Venial sins that you might have committed-i.e., ingratitude, reckless driving, selfishness, rudeness etc.

Venial Sins and other Imperfections

Venial Sins, (Lesser, Non-Mortal Sins that will not condemn you to Hell), do not have to be Confessed in Confession. It is a good idea to Confess them, since any Venial Sins will require time in Purgatory.

This list also includes Imperfections, which are not sins at all. ’Imperfection’ is not a technical Church term. Whether an act or omission rises to the standard of a Venial Sin, or not, is sometimes hard to distinguish. Consequently, this list includes Venial Sins and other imperfections, without attempt to distinguish between them.

Possible Venial Sins & other Imperfections

First Commandment

1 Failure to Pray Daily

1 Failure to accept that each person is personally responsible for his own sins

1 Failure to accept that Our Merciful God allows people to go to Hell

1 Not Loving God with your Whole Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength

1 Tempting God

1 Trying to Control Things, rather than Seeking God Will

1 Entertaining Thoughts Against the Faith

1 Failure to Learn about the Teachings of the Church

1 Failure (Not Seriously) to Fulfill the Duties of one’s State in Life

1 Playing Dungeons and Dragons, or similar games

1 Indifference or Ingratitude towards God

1 Not Trusting God

1 Having a Lukewarm Relationship with God

1 Caring more about what others think, rather than what God thinks

1 Not trying to grow Spiritually, and settling for mediocrity

1 Acedia (Spiritual Sloth or Laziness

1 Being Angry at God

1 Giving in to Depression or Self-Pity

1 Being Embarrassed at being a Catholic

1 Failure to Examine one’s Conscience Daily

1 Failure to Accept Unconditionally the True Teachings of the Catholic Church

1 Failure to Pray when Tempted

1 Disparaged the Church because of the recent sex scandals and cover-up

1 Failure to Defend the Church when it’s being Ridiculed

1 Not trying to Practice frequent Remembrance of God’s Presence

1 Failure to support the Church Financially

1 Failure to Support the Church by Volunteering tour Time or Skills

1 Refusing or Denying the Mercy of God

1 When voting, fail to consider the Moral standings of Politicians

1 Failure to Accept Suffering

1 Failure to Offer-Up Suffering

1 Putting Off Confession needlessly

1 Being willfully Distracted at Mass

1 Being willfully Distracted during Prayer

1 Failure to Evangelize

1 Attended a Catholic/non-Catholic Wedding in a non-approved setting

1 Attended a Wedding for a Divorcee before the death of the first spouse

1 Being Angry at God

1 Ashamed to Bless Yourself, before Grace, when eating out in public

1 Fail to genuflect (bend one knee) before entering the Church pew

1 Failure to bow, remove your hat, or Bless Yourself, etc, when passing a Church

1 Fail to genuflect at the name of Jesus

Second Commandment

2 Cursing thoughtlessly

2 Using the Lord’s Name in surprise, or anger (without thinking or habitually)

2 Irreverent, Improper, or Inappropriate use of Scripture

2 Vulgar or Inappropriate Language

2 Speaking Badly about the Church

2 Using the names of Saints, the Blessed Mother, or the Pope Irreverently

2 Telling Irreverent Jokes about Sacred Persons, or Objects

Third Commandment

3 Doing Limited Non-Essential Labor on Sunday

3 Arriving Late to Mass, or Leaving Early, without good reason

3 Failure to Pay Attention, or Participate at Mass

3 Being Irreverent at Church

3 Failure to spend extra time on Sunday in Study of the Faith, or Prayer

3 Failure to reserve Sunday for Family or Recreation

3 Allowing Sports or other schedules to dictate the Sunday schedule

3 Desecrating Sunday or a Holy Day of Obligation by Sinful Amusements, or Inappropriate Entertainment, Keeping Bad Company, or Impure Thoughts

Forth Commandment

4 Fighting with Brothers, Sisters, or Relatives

4 Non-serious Disobedience to parents or those in authority

4 Making Fun of the Handicapped or Elderly

4 Failure to Help the Elderly or Handicapped

4 Not Praying for those Entrusted to Your Care

4 Not Praying for those in Authority over you (Parents, Teachers, Employers, etc.)

4 Being Too Strict with Rules, Boundaries, and Discipline

4 Being Too Lax with Rules, Boundaries, and Discipline

4 Failure to properly Respect Parents or Authorities

4 Feeling Ashamed of or Embarrassed about your parents

4 Lack of Gratitude toward your parents

4 Not trying to Cultivate Peace in your family

4 Failing to be a Good Example to your family

4 Meddling in the Affairs of Married Children

4 Treating Adult Children like Minors

4 Spoiled or Pampered your children, instead of giving them attention & affection

4 Nagging your Spouse or Children

4 Failed to lead your children to Mass, Communion and Confession

4 Treating those under your authority Disrespectfully

4 Breaking Just Civil Laws without serious reason

4 Taking advantage of others for your own selfish purposes

4 Taking one’s Spouse for Granted

4 Hired others for the care of your children, without good cause

4 Failure to Teach your Children Adequately about God, or their Spiritual Life

4 Failure to spend significant quality time with your children

4 Has your wife unnecessarily taken employment away from home, and children?

Fifth Commandment

5 To a lesser degree: Pride, Boasting or Arrogance

5 Preference for Designer Label Clothes

5 Failure to accept that a fetus, from conception onward, is a real human person

5 Vanity

5 Stubbornness without good reason

5 Listening to Bad Music

5 Selfishness

5 Unnecessarily risked your life or the life of another

5 Wishing Evil Upon another

5 Seeking Revenge or Retaliation

5 Harboring a Grudge

5 Prejudice

5 Using Obscene or Vulgar Gestures

5 Anger

5 Fighting or Arguing over slight matters

5 Rudeness

5 Failure to Apologize

5 Excessive Watching of Television

5 Excessive playing of Computer Games

5 Watching Television, Movies, or DVD’s that promote Sex or Violence

5 Playing Computer Games that promote Sex or Violence

5 Excessive use of the Internet

5 Failure to Pray for Sinners

5 Using the ‘silent treatment’ on others

5 Failure to Pray for Deceased Parents or Relatives

5 Violating Friendships

5 Willfully doing things to others to Anger them

5 Failure to take Required Medications

5 Abusing your Medications

5 Treating others Unjustly

5 Habitual Lack of Punctuality

5 Procrastination

5 Failure to Respect the Dignity of Yourself

5 Failure to Respect the Dignity of others

5 Laziness

5 Smoking or Chewing Tobacco

5 Failure to Care for one’s Health

5 Driving Carelessly

5 Driving while Intoxicated

5 Intemperance (Overeating or Drinking Too Much)

5 Refusing to Forgive Another

5 Lack of Custody of the Eyes (Looking Inappropriately at others)

5 Keeping Bad Company

Sixth Commandment

6 After encountering Immorality, failed to request a refund, or cancel a subscription

6 Selfishness in Marital Intimacy

6 Seeking Wrongful Attention from another

6 Failure to Respect Persons of the opposite sex

6 Treating others as Objects

6 Acting Immodestly, or Carrying oneself Immodestly

6 Dressing somewhat Immodestly

6 Allowing your heart to Stray from your spouse

Seventh Commandment

7 Wasting Time

7 Failure to Pay Debts Promptly

7 Failure to Practice Charity, or to Help the Poor

7 Willful Failure to Return Borrowed Items

7 Theft of small or inexpensive items

7 Attachments to persons or things

7 Failure to keep a promise

7 Squandering Money on needless items or pursuits

Eighth Commandment

8 Gossiping

8 Lying

8 Spreading Rumors

8 Talking behind another’s back

8 Making Rash Judgments

8 Being Unjustly Suspicious

8 Being Negative, Critical, or Uncharitable in thought, about others

8 Failing to Restore the Good Name of others you’ve Injured Verbally

8 Cheating at Games or School Work, etc.

8 Flattery

8 Bragging or Boasting

8 Speaking Unkindly to, or about others

8 Exaggerating the Truth

8 Complaining, whining, or Seeking Attention

Ninth Commandment

9 Looking at Immodest Pictures or persons

9 Playing with Temptation, or Curiosity about Temptation

9 Not trying to Control your Imagination

9 Brief Entertainment of Impure Thoughts, or Fantasies

9 Telling or Listening to Impure or Vulgar Jokes or Stories

Tenth Commandment

10 Sadness or Anger at the Good Fortune of Another (Mild Envy)

10 Desire for the Goods of Another (Mild Jealousy)

10 Failure to distance yourself from the world’s wealth (Mild Greed)

10 Materialism

10 Not Trusting that God will provide All Material and Spiritual Needs

10 Attachments to Riches or Material Goods


After completing the above reflection, help yourself prepare for a general confession by reviewing the below.

First Commandment

I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not have strange gods before me.

I missed my daily prayers _____ Times a week, or month.

I went to places of false worship _____ Times a week, or month.

I talked against the Church, priests, or faith _____ Times a week, or month.

I was guilty of excessive materialism _____ Times a week, or month.

I was guilty of malice (deliberate choice of evil) _____ Times a week, or month

Second Commandment

Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

I swore by name of God (Blasphemy) _____ Times a week, or month.

I swore by name of Jesus (Blasphemy) _____ Times a week, or month.

I cursed others by saying: God damn you _____ Times a week, or month.

I cursed my wife _____ Times a week, or month.

I cursed in the hearing of the young _____ Times a week, or month.

I took rash and unnecessary oaths _____ Times a week, or month.

Third Commandment

Remember thou keep holy the Sabbath Day.

I missed Mass on Sunday & Holydays through my fault _____ Times a week, or month.

I spent a great part of these days in sinful occupations _____ Times a week, or month.

I was late for Mass by my own fault _____ Times a week, or month.

I was distracted _____ Times a week, or month.

I engaged in servile works on Sunday and Holydays without necessity _____ Times a week, or month.

Fourth Commandment

Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother.

I disobeyed my parents/teachers/leaders in important matters _____ Times a day, or week.

I caused them to be angry: I grieved them _____ Times a day, or week.

I used insulting language to them _____ Times a day, or week.

I kept or wasted my wages I should have given to them _____ Times.

I did not support them _____ Times.

I incited my brothers and sisters against them _____ Times.

I neglected to write them, or send them help _____ Months _____ years.

I neglected them in sickness, in death _____ Months _____ years

Duties of Husbands and Fathers

I grieved, abused, struck my wife _____ Times

I accused her wrongfully _____ Times

I neglected to provide for my family _____ Times

I gave my children bad example _____ Times

I failed to correct their faults _____ Times

I neglected to instruct them in religion _____ Times

I interfered with their religious vocation _____ Times

Duties of Wives and Mothers

I disobeyed my husband _____ Times.

I caused my children to disobey and dishonor him _____ Times.

I talked of his faults to my children or neighbors _____ Times.

I neglected to correct my children _____ Times.

I gave them bad example _____ Times.

I did not instruct them in their religion _____ Times.

I interfered with their religious vocation _____ Times.

Fifth Commandment

Thou shalt not kill.

I was angry _____ Times.

I caused others to become angry _____ Times.

I was quarreling or fighting _____ Times.

I desired the death of others _____ Times.

I cherished hatred to others _____ Times.

I've used or approved of artificial birth control _____ Times.

I refused to speak or to be reconciled to others _____ Times.

I caused the death of another by negligence _____ Times.

I brought dishonor to family, school, community, or the Church _____ Times.

I have been guilty of detraction (telling an unkind truth about another) _____ Times.

I led others to commit sin, by word or example _____ Times.

I Used illegal drugs _____ Times.

Sixth Commandment and Ninth Commandment

Thou shalt not commit adultery.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.

I had premarital sex, including oral sex, intercourse, impure touching of another _____ Persons_____ Times.

I took pleasure in impure thoughts _____ Times a day.

I had impure desires _____ Times a day

I spoke immodestly in the hearing of _____ Persons_____ Times a day.

I boasted of sins of impurity _____ Times a day_____ a week.

I sang or listened to immodest songs _____ Times a day_____ a week.

I read immodest books, papers, or writings _____ Times.

I was guilty of immodest looks _____ Times a week

I kept, showed, looked at immodest pictures/pornographic material _____ Times a week.

I went to immodest places of amusement _____ Times a week.

I was guilty of immodest acts _____ Times.

I committed homosexuals actions _____ Persons_____ Times.

I committed immodest acts alone _____ Times.

I was guilty of the sin of Onanism (masturbation, withdrawal method) _____ Times.

Seventh Commandment and Tenth Commandment

Thou shalt not steal.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods.

I stole goods to the amount of $ _____, _____ Times.

I wasted time for which I was paid work, value of $ _____, _____ Times.

I neglected to pay my bills, just debts, amounting to $ _____, _____ Times.

I unjustly deferred the payment of their wages $ _____, _____ Times.

Eighth Commandment

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

I told lies _____ Times.

I seriously injured my neighbor’s character, by publishing his secret faults_____ Times.

I carried stories and caused trouble _____ Times.

I told a deliberate lie to the injury of my neighbor _____ Times.

I spoke without necessity of the known faults of others _____ Times.

I've broken promises deliberately _____ Times.

I am guilty of calumny-telling lies about one another _____ Times.

I failed to defend my neighbor’s character _____ Times.

I encouraged detraction or calumny, or listened to it with complacency _____ Times.

I failed to make reparation for sins of tongue _____ Times.

Commandments of the Church

I neglected my yearly confession and Easter Communion _____ Times.

I neglected, when able, to support the Church _____ Times.

I ate meat on days of abstinence, without permission or necessity. _____ Times.

I caused others to eat meat on days of abstinence _____ Times.

I broke the fasts of the Church _____ Times.

I caused others to break the fasts of the Church _____ Times.

The Seven Deadly Sins

I was guilty of gluttony _____ Times.

I was drunk _____ Times.

I caused others to be drunk _____ Times.

I gave liquor to those drunk _____ Times.

I was slothful in religious exercises _____ Times.

I was lazy and idle _____ Times.

I was envious _____ Times.

I was yearning for impure pleasures _____ Times.

I have had an immoderate desire for earthly goods _____ Times.

I have had an inordinate desire for revenge _____ Times.

I was proud _____ Times.

The Four Sins Crying to Heaven for Vengeance

Willful murder (including abortion) _____ Times.

The sin of Sodom. (unnatural sex) _____ Times.

Oppression of the poor. _____ Times.

Defrauding laborers of their wages. _____ Times.

The Six Sins against the Holy Ghost

Presumption of God's mercy-sinning and saying God must forgive me _____ Times.

Despair-to believe that god will refuse to forgive you _____ Times.

To attack as false or questioning the known truth. _____ Times.

Envy at another's spiritual good _____ Times.

Obstinacy in sin-refusing to stop known sinful behavior _____ Times.

Final impenitence-refusing to accept God's mercy at moment of death _____ Times.

Nine Ways of being Accessory to Another's Sin

By counsel-talking one into sin _____ Times.

By command-telling one to sin _____ Times.

By consent- agreeing with the sin _____ Times.

By provocation- to pressure one into sin _____ Times.

By praise or flattery- congratulating the sin committed by others _____ Times.

By concealment- covering up the sin for another _____ Times.

By partaking- approving sin by assisting in it _____ Times.

By silence-by not speaking up against the sin _____ Times.

By defense of the ill done- rationalizing the sin done or will be done _____ Times.