Teach Peace Foundation Award Winners



The 2015 winners are Fr. Jim Anderson, Dr. Rosalie Turton, Kathy Kelly, John Salza, and Sister Agnes Sasagawa.





The 2014 winners are Stephanie F. Abundo, Stanley Maticka, Raymond McGovern,

Howard G. Mendoabor, Moses Quiah, and Samuel Ford Tabolo.




The 2013 winners are Machiko Conway, Dave Gahary, Mark Graham, Steve Hayes,

Joe Sehnert, Miyo Uchida and Donna Turchi.




The 2012 international winners are Dolley Gurley, John Lackay, Martha Karnuah,

Helena Gonyon, Harris Mulbah, and Augustine Nufea.


Kevin Rockensies, shown above, presented awards to Dolley Gurley, John Lackay,

and Martha Karnuah for their work to help the disabled live with dignity. Joanie

Fabiano, shown below, presented awards to Helena Gonyon, Harris Mulbah, and

Augustine Nufea.




The 2012 American winners Bob Bowman - Peacemaker, John and Sue Dewan -

Lifetime Peacemakers, Mikey Leonard - Student Excellence, Jeannie and Ed Martin -

International Peacemakers, and Fritz Springmeier - Courageous Peacemaker and







- Sister Sponsa Beltran - Lifetime Africa Peacemaker

- David Kimball - Peace Education Leadership

- Leuren Moret - Courageous Peacemaker

- Greg Bourne - Peace Leadership

- Winnie Detwiler - Peacemaker Collaboration

- Mikos Fabersunne - Middle East Peace Leadership

- Janie Knudsen - Peace Theater Leadership

- Rodney Robinson - Lifetime Peace Education


























- Matt Hayes - Peace Student Excellence

- Bob and Evie Perkins - Peace Force

- Lolita Samson - Peace Leadership

- Mike Pach - Peace Leadership

- Claude Garrod - Lifetime Peacemaker

- Beti Leone - Peace Teacher


Not shown above

- Almerindo Ojeda - Peace Leadership

- Carmen Cueto - Peace Student Excellence

- Irena Sendler - Courage

- Mordechai Vanunu - Nuclear Age Peacemaker





















The 2009 award winners attending this year's dinner are Fadhil Al-Kazily

(Peace Teacher), Joey Chiang (Student Excellence), Leon Lefson

(Lifetime), Renee Chiang (Student Excellence), Tim Malone (Peacemaker),

Dr. Hamza El-Nakhal (Leadership), Dr. Koen Van Rompay (International)

and Mary Wind (Volunteering and picture not shown).


Julia Cortopassi (Student Excellence), Elisa Espinoza (Student Excellence),

Samatha Warren (Student Excellence), Patricia Williams (Lifetime), Rabbi

Yisroel David Weiss (Courage), and Congressman Dennis Kucinich

(Courage) are 2009 award winners who are unable to attend.





Award winners from top left to right are Dar & Tom King (Organizing), Teresa Kroeger

(Excellence), Hank Joerger (Lifetime),  Paul and Candy Anderson (Peace Force),

Amanda Saecheo (Excellence), Peter B. Collins (Broadcasting), Janice & Harry Wang

(Leadership), and the American Friends Service Organization - Stu Pettygrove







Award winners from top left to right are Hannah & Ernie Biberstein (Peace Force),

Dr. Bill Durston (Courage), no photo - Bruce Giudici (Excellence), Jeanie Keltner

(Media), Glenda Marsh (Organizing), Nadia McCaffrey (Caring for Veterans), Michael

Moran receiving for Faith Moran (Lifetime), Ray Tatar (Theater), and no photo - Natalie

Wormeli (Leadership).




Award winners from top left to right are Judy Moores (Caring for the Environment),

Guy & Akemi Turner (Peace Force), Christine Craft (Broadcasting), Mary Anne Kirsch

(Excellence), no photo - David Krieger (Leadership), Will & Jane Lotter (Lifetime),

Jimmy Spearow (Leadership), and  Steve Reed (Organizing).


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For more information, please contact us at contact@teachpeace.com.