Money Trust Investigation. Investigation of Financial and Monetary Conditions in the United States Under House Resolutions Nos. 429 and 504

The Money Trust is was commonly known to exist from 1890 to 1913. This banking cartel was common knowledge much like many people today realize drug cartels exist. The same cartel that was the Money Trust is known as the international banking cartel, the All Seeing Eye cartel, the New World Order, and several other lesser known names.

In 1912, a special subcommittee was convened by the Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee, Arsene P. Pujo. Its purpose was to investigate the "money trust," a small group of Wall Street bankers who were fronts for an international elite. This international elite advancing a one-world government agenda exerted powerful control over the nation's finances. The committee's majority report concluded that a group of financial leaders had abused the public trust to consolidate control over many industries. The concentration of financial power was then able to fool the public by transition from the Pujo Committee findings to even greater control via the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

The hearings were conducted between May 16, 1912 and February 26, 1913. The transcript of the hearings was published in three volumes. It is presented on the Teach Peace Foundation site in the original 29 parts with the index, a table of interlocking directorates of 18 financial institutions, and the majority/minority report of the committee. The Report of the Committee Appointed Pursuant to House Resolutions 429 and 504 to Investigate the Concentration of Control of Money and Credit. February 28, 1913. Pages 1-258. (pdf 14.3M) is a good place to start.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Money Trust Investigation - Exhibit 243, February 25, 1913. Supplemental diagram. (pdf 979k)

Money Trust Investigation - Exhibit 244, February 25, 1913. Supplemental diagram. (pdf 864k)

The exhibits show the interlocking boards and by name the people who represents the interests of a European banking elite resulting in an invisible government by the money power.

The report.

Source: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Banking and Currency and


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